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She's fat. She's crazy. She's legally bipolar. She is a "Bipolar Betty". "Bipolar Betty" is a term that can used to describe any of the countless number of fat insane girls that a person has to deal with at work or at school. Typically, your local Bipolar Betty will be found either making an inordinate amount of noise or sobbing loudly. She will have NO emotional middle ground. It's either all on ON or all OFF. She will also be huge. We're talking not just a plumper, but the full pork pie. Interact with at your own risk.
Barry : Dude you've gotta see this fucking retard we got working the help desk, she's a real fucking Bipolar Betty.

Winfield : You mean legally?

Barry : Hundred percent dude she got this job on an anti-discrimination beef.

Winfield : Dude that fucking sucks. I had a Bipolar Better two years ago in R&D and if she hadn't OD'ed on Aspirin we'd probably be the next division to getting canned. I mean individually she brought the whole workplace down. People who loved this job were leaving at 4:30 just to get away from her. It's just one of those things you know ... God shit on that person.

Barry : Funny that you mention God.

Winfield : Why?

Barry : She's a Mormon this week.

Winfield : Ha. Joseph Smith didn't see this one coming magical seeing stones my ass.
by Darker April 28, 2010
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