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A deeply disturbed bear living either at the South or North Pole. These moody creatures can be upbeat at times when they can be witnessed happily catching fish or conversely they can be sullen and withdrawn burying their head in the snow. This serious condition can be treated by various medication such as Bear-zac or Bear-nax with promising results.
Penguin 1 - Yo Fred, what is up with the bear? He looks like he is contemplating jumping off of that towering glacier. Surely he would not survive the fall.

Pengui 2 - That is Billy, the Bipolar Bear. He is up there every other day. He must not have taked his Bear-zac today.
by archyis November 12, 2009
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1. Two polar bears stuck together.

2. A bisexual bear.

3. A bear that has been magnetized.

4. Any combination of the aforementioned definitions.
1. Ha! That bipolar bear can't decide whether to sleep or run around.

2. Ha! That bipolar bear can't decide whether to sleep with Jimmy or with Julie.

3. Ha! That bipolar bear is stuck to that piece of metal!

4. Ha! That bipolar bear is stuck to a piece of metal and can't decide whether to gnaw itself out and sleep with Julie, or sit around thinking about Jimmy.
by Cryptic May 07, 2005
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1. (adj) a person who has bi-polar disorder but who is also really, really adorable.

2. (n) a Bi-sexual polar bear
"Joe is my bi-polar bear. He may be crazy but I love him so much!"

"Oooh there I've spotted the rare bi-polar bear. Bi people are greedy. It's like pick a damn side and stay there."
by alisia September 19, 2006
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A bi-polar person who sucks at anything and everything he does, but at the same time thinks he does better at anything and everything than everyone around him. He is a self centered piece of shit, and hates to be proven wrong. If you make a mistake or say an answer wrong, he will proceed to call you a dumbass. He refers to the term "karma" a lot. He has been playing guitar for quite a few years, but sounds as if he had just learned yesterday. If you do not act the way he expects you to he will use the phrase "Oh no, it's (your name here)". He often loves annoying people with his bad 'jokes' and retarded self, but if you annoy him long enough, he will get pissed off and ignore you for the rest of the day. When not being annoying, the bi-polar bear grazes on craigslist looking at guitars and other musical instruments to fantasize about. His favorite band is Metallica! He also fantasizes about Kirt Hammett!
Ryan: Uh oh Joe, it's Ryan!
Joe: Oh no Ryan, it's Joe!
by JACK-OFF JILL October 12, 2009
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a bi polar bear is a bisexual crazy bear
i went to the sanfrancisco zoo the other day and i got the laugh of a lifetime when i seen my first bi polar bear i know he was a true one as he was acting crazy while fuckin all the other polar bears in its habitat
by ODog N Cali M.C N T December 26, 2009
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