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a loudmouth obnoxious clown featured on a local TV show on the cool cartoon strip and TV Saturday morning series Garfield. Garfield the fat cat, on his cartoon show hosts the feature "Screaming With Binky", where Binky is known to come up behind you and scream "HEYYYYY KID!!!!" or something like that, just to startle you. He comes up to a kid building a sand castle and screams at him, demolishing the sand castle. He comes up behind a diamond cutter, screams at him, disrupting his concentration and making him mess up his work. Garfield, ever so sarcastic, finds Binky annoying.
Garfield switches on the tube because it's time to watch the TV show hosted by the obnoxious Binky the Clown.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice May 18, 2007
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