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This is a term primarily used to refer to outdated looking wannabes who still refer to themselves as "hipsters". They will usually sport striped t-shirts or flannels and skinny jeans, and generally think mustaches and PBR are still "hip". They frequently gather at pop-punk shows, where other Binghamton Hipsters continually perpetuate the myth that all of this is somehow still cool or relevant. The term originated in Binghamton, NY- a place where the internet is apparently stuck in 2008 and people still sit around discussing how "indie" Death Cab For Cutie's first album is.
Binghamton Hipster: "Well I definitely wouldn't say I'm a hipster, I'm just really into the underground music scene..."

Me: "Don't worry, I would never say you were a hipster, but you are definitely a Binghamton Hipster, speaking of, do you want any of my old Taking Back Sunday cd's from the 8th grade?"
by Hailey Porter September 04, 2013
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