When you repeatedly listen to a song, artist or album for an extended amount of time, the most common being that its stuck in your head or you have a personal connection to it. This is a very common occurrence with teenagers. One could consider listening to Top 40 radio stations for hours on end a form of binge listening because one can hear the same song 3 times in one hour.
Teen 1- Dude I've been binge listening to Master of Puppets for the past 6 hours.
Teen 2- Good choice man.
by TheBlackVista October 18, 2010
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Repeatedly listening to a song, an album or an artist without pause until you are sick and tired of the music and can't stand it anymore.

Most commonly done by crazy fangirls with a lot of free time.
Can last for anything between four days and two months. (Fangirls will never tell another fangirl that they are tired of the song or album.)
Fangirl 1: Have you heard One Direction's Live While We're Young? I love it so much!"
Fangirl 2: Omg yes I've been binge listening to it all summer, my fave!"
Fangirl 1: *Starts playing Live While We're Young.*
Fangirl 2: *Mentally pulls their own hair.*
by silyeah September 25, 2015
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Consuming an entire podcast series at once (or several episodes at a time until every installment has been heard).

(similar to binge watching, but with podcasts)
I just binge listened to every episode of the Artie Quitter Podcast, so I'm completely caught up with everyone who's been listening to the series, from the beginning.
by itstheit August 16, 2016
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