Someone who is there for the girls the gays and the they’s!!! Hot bitch energy 🥰
Being a bimbo is fun!
by Tiktokbabeyyyy January 7, 2021
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Even though I may seem like a bimbo, I do try hard and therefore am not.
by Ereck Flowers February 15, 2015
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The Gen z bimbo is a bad bitch who is a radical leftist, pro choice, pro Lgbtq+ and hates capitalism,
She is kind to everyone except Republicans and privliged men.
She also likes pink and having her tits out and is always there for her girls, gays and theys
Bimbo : I don't dress like this for the misogynistic male gaze, I do it for my gaze and damn my tits look good.

Bimbo : step on Trump supporters, destroy the patriarchy and remember capitalism is the root of all evil
by Imnot__creative December 27, 2021
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when someone has no common sense and breaks their phone so badly it doesn’t work
Evan James Swanson is such a bimbo! He broke his phone so badly he can’t even FaceTime me!!

bimbo annoying broken
by Yafavnicole666 November 12, 2018
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An uneducated woman with no meaningful career who is of low innane intelligence and has no interest in intellectual or philanthropic matters.

Usually marries rich businessmen and lives like a submissive whore, pandering to that one man.
"It's a shame about Sam's divorce, he hardly sees his kids now."

"Yeah, but he's married that bimbo he met the year before last. You know she'll never be able to screw him over."
by Tony1975 May 19, 2018
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