The Angel that saved my life.
I have no word for this lil bebe but thankyou. My friends think I’m gay bc I’m in love w Billie big in reality it’s bc she saved my life , but I would never tell my friends that bc they don’t know how low I was for months on end.
I love Billie eilish
by I am mbe June 03, 2020
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a basic but amazingly hot mother fucker whom i want to marry.
14 year old white girls think they’re depressed and listen to her but I honestly just like her bc she’s hot as fuck and she also makes decent music
13 year old gorl: omfg billie eilish omg omg billie eyelash i am sooo quirky and i oop! Skskskskks
Me: shut up karen you fucking moron
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by stupidbitchasswhore November 24, 2019
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Billie Eilish is a talented young singer who has a horrible fanbase. Her fans try to justify being a jerk to others by falsely claiming they have anxiety and depression.
Billie Eilish Fan: Stop talking to me, I have anxiety.

Normal Person: Did your doctor prescribe you with anxiety?

Billie Eilish Fan: No... I listened to Billie Eilish!
by Sloppy Paco August 05, 2019
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An amazing and sweet person who lowkey acts like your friend not your idol. Shes beautiful and caring to her fans. Shes not the type to flex on others. Shes legit amazing and shes only overrated cuz she 100% deserves the hype.
Billie Eilish was born on 18 December. She is a sagittarius.
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by Sara_gave_up December 21, 2019
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