A concerning idol for fourteen year old white girls. She is the epitome of "I m not like other girls" and uses depression as an adjective.
No one:

Not a single soul:

14 year old girls: BilLiE eILisH Is So cOoL
by Rawr lol XD September 22, 2019
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People listen to her who think they are unique and quirky.
13 yr old girls: I watch riverdale and listen to Billie Eilish. Man I am so unique and so amazing.
by Caz69420 June 23, 2019
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Some retarded edgy wannabe depressed teenage girl that everyone's apparently "gay" for since they have shit taste in music by listening to this new edgy genre type of music because everyone is "depressed" and shit right?
Me (an intellectual): "Shut the fuck up thot."
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by FuckBillieEilish September 06, 2019
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Some fuckin shit ass musician who has metal tits and a big fuckin nest of spiders in her fuckin intestines.FYI her music is shit on steroids.
Gavin: Fuckin hell its that Billie Eilish cunt
Dylan:Yeah I can tell by the metal tits and the spiders she spewin out
by TheMadAussieKunt September 20, 2019
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Super generic, overrated teenager chick who is famous for her edgy and depressing musical style. Her music is an extremely bland house drum in the background with no melody at all, and with her whispering about how psychopathic she is. Her songs are mediocre at best and all sound the fucking same. She is typical "I'm not like other girls" type, and she tries hard to pretend to be depressed to make her style unique, dark and cool.

Billie eilish is an example of modern music industry where talent is not important but only marketing can make any artist famous and popular.
"During her interview sessions, she describes her style with no confidence. She has no idea the kind of music that she is putting out, nor do I feel that she is setting any sort of example or path of her own - just what her ghost writers are doing for her.
Billie Eilish is merely an example of the music industry pushing whatever will make them money - and you are the idiots that blindly listen to whatever they say is a hit. I miss the music days of old, when music was really music. It was popularized by the love from the masses, not from the recording labels."
by 4nt1n0rm13 September 15, 2019
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