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A small fishing-tackle store that once existed in Clifton, New Jersey, that was actually called "Bill's Tackle Shop." The store was owned by an old man named Bill, who had a horrifyingly huge, and severely injured & damaged nose that looked like it was most likely smashed with a brick, used as a pin-cushion and possibly afflicted with some hideous, degenerative disease. How something like this could happen to a man's nose remains a mystery shrouded in darkness.

Those who entered the store and encountered Bill, and his offensively grotesque, mutant-nose, would become so paralyzed with utter shock & disgust at the very sight of the vile atrocity, they would immediately forget what they had originally came into the store for in the first place, turn around, and leave. As they would drive home, it often became commonplace to theorize with friends on how Bill's nose could have possibly become such a mangled, foul abomination, leading to the shop being unofficially renamed by it's customers to include the mention of Bill's (insert adjective here) nose in the shop's name, again and again. The first of the new names being "Bill's Busted Nose & Tackle."
Bill's "Busted" Nose & Tackle Shop

Hey, wanna go to Bill's Busted Nose & Tackle before we head to the pond?

What time does Bill's Leprosy-eroded Nose & Tackle close on Sundays?

I was at Bill's Ghastly Nose-Injury & Tackle, and nearly vomited when Bill asked if I needed any help.

You know something? Bill's Nose IS Tackle!

Bill's Putrefied Nose Remains & Tackle's business will continue to suffer until Bill has his nose surgically removed.

Sadly, Bill's Perforated, Disintegrate Nose & Tackle closed down for good last month.
by The Creep1 March 27, 2013
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