2 Steps Down: A nasty plain ugly girl that usually involves alcohol to sleep with.
One step worse than a razor scooter.
Coming from the idea that you'll ride a bike without a seat when you're drunk, but it'll hurt in the morning.
by robinall March 21, 2007
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when a dike is sitting on a bike with no seat. so the bar goes up her and she is no longer a dike.
Your such a dike on a bike with no seat.
by ty pigg April 28, 2010
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What I ride
Me: Ugh ugh ugh
john: What the actuals fuck Edward!? Riding a bike without a seat? faggot
by ALLHOMO May 16, 2021
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A man who is a whore and is available to all who try
What’s up with chad?”
“Oh, he’s become the town bike seat at this point”
Tough break
by JLco June 13, 2022
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