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An infamous group of players on a game called "MapleStory".

Due to poor parenting and a lack of real life happiness, these players log onto the game with one goal in mind- to ruin other players gaming experience. They use hacks to disconnect other players, and "kill steal" a highly sought after monster- Bigfoot.

It is widely accepted that if these losers ever improve their personal hygiene enough to feel the touch of a woman in real life, they may lose interest in being such d-bags. Until then, they believe themselves to be cool in the game, but in reality are pitied by the rest of the gaming population for their sad existence.
Because I have all sorts of self confidence issues in real life, I will go onto MapleStory and ruin other people's experience by acting like the BF Police.

"Hey Bob, are you heading to Julia's house tonight, I heard her parents were out of town?" "Yup, I do indeed have a date tonight, something that a member of the Bigfoot Police won't ever say".
by Sarcastrific August 12, 2010
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