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Sometimes a pain in the ass, sometimes someone you never want to talk to again, but other times can make all the bad things that happen go away when its all said and done.
Big sis: Why are you so sad??
Lil sis: Big sister the kids at school are mean
Big sis: aww well I love you!
by yhctirt May 31, 2009
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1. God's cruel example of everything a younger sibling should never be in life; 2. Usually the most judgmental person the younger sibling(s) life who will search for something negative even in the most positive things you do in life; 3. A person who doesn't understand the meaning of "age-difference" or the concept of a little sister meaning younger than them; 4. A person who receives pleasure from belittling someone(s) whom wanted to be "just like their big sister;" 5. Usually a naturally unlikeable, miserable person; 6. A person who feels no remorse for causing younger siblings pain; 7. Uncapable of love, due to ones sad excuse of being deprived of affection and attention from parents once younger (usually, sister) sibling is born; 8. At times, more often than none, may be referred to as "The Devil," "Demon Spawn," or "Evil Bitch."
Let's go to my house later, you don't want to meet my big sister.

I asked God for a sign that the devil was walking amongst us, and my big sister entered the room.

I'd say you're the most selfish person I know, but then I realized I have two big sisters.

My big sister said she was going as The Wicked Witch of the West for Halloween, so I assumed she didn't feel like dressing up this year.
by servedwithwords May 20, 2016
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A crazy female teacher who is "always watching you".
Derrived from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where a character named "Big Brother" and his "Thought Police" are keeping track of everything and everyone.

Big sisters tend to be severe in punishment as well.
Big Sister:

Mme. Zylberstein.

Any crazy old female teacher you had who appears to have eyes in the back of her head.
by ArcticWarfare April 02, 2006
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