1) A fat woman that you wouldn't mind given a whirl!

2) My girlfriend Shannon
"Damn, what a fucken big n' Tasty"

"i'm tired of fucking big n' tasties, I need myself a fine piece of ass"
by Christopher White January 07, 2004
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When someone licks the asshole of another who has just taken a shit.
Bill gave George the biggest Big N Tasty he has ever received.
by Mike Olson July 11, 2005
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The act of putting your nut sack in a girls mouth as you suck her big titty milk. This is for the big part of the big n tasty. Then for the tasty part, put your cock in her mouth as you suck out all of the period blood out of the girls vagina.
She didn't want to lay me so I gave her a MC big n' tasty, she wasn't having it the next day.
by AN0SEater March 22, 2020
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