She mother to clickbate king morgz and often pranks the god that is bald Martin
by Bald Martin is a god August 28, 2019
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A synonym for the devil. Despite being re-married to the human form of God Bald Martin, she is the devil’s final form. She is sneakier than The Spanish Inquisition and has a semi-demon son called Morgan.
1) If you go to hell you will see Big Jill
2) You look Big Jillish today
by The CEO of anti TikTok May 25, 2020
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A 'Big Jill' is a cringy woman who shouts because she thinks we're death and tries to rap but does so terribly. A 'Big Martin' though is a man who seems thoroughly excited about everything and is a male version of a 'Big Jill'
by Liberal Dictionary February 25, 2021
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Morgz's Mum aka Big Jill a about 100 year old lady that can't live without mc donald's and lives in her son's house and his name is Morgz aka photocopier because love use mr beasts ideas
Morgz's Mum aka Big Jill a lady that lives in her son's house and eat's too much Mc Donald's
by Lukemon March 29, 2021
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