Meaning of the word big god comes from gang uses like the og of the pack only gang members can say this
On big god” of the oops spin the block I’m gone shoot
by realRreal February 18, 2020
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the consistently enormous, organic, and effervescent radiation & exudance of God through someone as a result of the ruthless hunger & limitless depth that defines their obedience to & pursuit of God.

an often subtle & quiet confidence (sans cockiness) and complete security of not needing other people’s benchmarks — wealth, power, prestige, intelligence, beauty — to know one’s own worth because it is so deeply rooted in God.

any suspicion of tryhard vibes kills BGE, as does the kind of cockiness that speaks of insecurity; the true BGE-haver is respectful to those around them, but with swagger.
Wow! Look, there goes Brian with that Big God Energy. He is unstoppable.
by tongo2319 April 04, 2020
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Nigerian slang, A sarcastic praise to young ladies (hustler) that dates wealthy older men in other to afford things she can't for her self.
Also applies to a prostitute
That small girl with big god just got a range rover, from her "big gods"
by Your village people August 19, 2018
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