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When the woman is confident beyond the freshly douched fresh scent

When she butches up and leaves her mark on the world

Blueprinting a new way of thinking upon anyone in her path
Snow White Kat put her Big bitch pants on and kissed her prince charming and woke his sorry ass up His name was Tony you know like an Italian job Thought he was a great lover and all

Now he says when Kat puts on her big bitch pants that he is blueprinted into a new tail she woke up prince charming

Moral of the story if a girl named Kat puts on her big bitch pants you're going to be pussy whipped Italian or not
by Tonythetiler April 20, 2018
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Metaphor for confidence

Antithesis of depends
Kat blue printed that sorry ass boy fuck

who expressed he wanted a cookie

She kept her big bitch pants on and found the Italian lover who wanted the whole goddamn bakery

His name was Tony of course
by Tonythetiler November 26, 2017
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