A nickname a female gives a male who has big man boobs.
Mack- “Hey Sabrina
Sabrina” Hey Big titty bitch
by TwoBrosOneCup July 15, 2020
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Big Titty Bitch is just another word for a girl named Delyn, she’s a sweet hearted girl that is friends with everyone but yet has never had a boyfriend.
Hey Big Titty Bitch!
by chickenlittle07 March 04, 2020
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A well rounded girl with both big titties and a big ass. Perfect rebound girl, or just one to take home for the night and forget about later, but definitely keep that phone number in case you need another pick-me-up.
Eleazar: "Your girlfriend dumped you? You know what you gotta do! Get you a big-titty-ass-bitch!"
by Sexmonster(s) September 25, 2010
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When the girl has too much titties. Her boobs are way too big. She like an improper fraction.
You see that Big Tittie Bitch Jamayah.
by Magic_Man! December 12, 2019
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