The kind of girl who takes care of her hoes, big papa always provides for her babies.
Hoe #1: Big papa will you buy me a redbull
Big Papa: yeah baby, big papa will buy you whatever you want
by TheRealBigPapa February 24, 2019
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Term of endearment for a man that a female likes, loves, admires for his good looks. He's always fitted, hella wise, talks shit, a good lover and hustler who always make shit happen.
My big papa came through and turned it up!!
by TT QUEEN B November 27, 2018
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Derived from a Biggie Smalls song; used as a myspace name for the coolest kids out there.
scene kid at a show: hey, isn't that Big Papa from myspace?

other scene kid: Whoa dude, yeah. Let's go say hey!
by 09sofine August 29, 2008
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A skinny nerd that drives a cheap Civic and macks on tons of chicks but never succeeds.
Damn, Big Papa can never get any pusy.
by Da Jello Pimp April 2, 2003
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A gay man known to be spent in 5 seconds, coming from merry olde Waldorf.
Wow, Big Papa is drunk after one tequila shot!
by Notadrood April 2, 2003
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A woman who dominates another female. Then out of respect the dominated female refers to the alpha female as big papa.
Frances has a way with females and thats why they call her big papa.
by O.D.D.. August 5, 2008
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one who is blessed with a large penis. there is generally at least 1 person who is a part of the group that is 'the big papa'
guy 1: dude that guy has a massive dick
guy 2:yeah he is the big papa
by bigbangx2 January 25, 2011
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