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Everybody got it wrong no big hungry isn’t a woman who eats 6 meals a day.... Big hungry is a person who eats all day like in class in their free time even in the middle of the night when they wake up...

It could also be a nickname too...

And it could be a person who eats toooo much ☺️
DAMNNN big hungry what is that a Big Mac from McDonald’s ??!!
by Big Hungryyy May 15, 2018
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term used for ugly, fat, smelly women that eat more than 6 meals a day. see rosie o'donnell
tony: damn daniel got a big ass new refrigerator
freddy: that wasnt a refrigerator that was his sister angela. shes a big hungry
by theoch November 21, 2007
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Noun: a person who shows no guilt or regret of how much they just ate, or how intense they are eating their food as if they were on survival mode.
Dang big hungry! You ate up all the snacks!
by ogprettythug May 16, 2018
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