Big hoop earring mean that the woman likes black men. And the bigger the earrings the more likely they enjoy anal sex.
(White guy says) --Man yo, look at that bitch she's lookin good as hell dog. Aw man look at those big hoop earrings she's not interested in us.
by Woodwork October 05, 2015
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The nickname of a friend who has ears big enough to fly him from Boston to New York
Friend: "Hey look, its Kyle Chase!!"
Another Friend: "Yeah, more like Big Ears
by dickbook May 08, 2017
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A former NHL hockey player, who made his living ripping tape to tape passes to Sidney Crosby. Member of the 1997 South Shore Kings. Known for his satellite dish ears.
Make a putt, you big eared pussy!”
by jp1123 March 07, 2021
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