A really huge dickhead who is incredibly full of himself and does not see that he is a complete ass hole.
by W.e. Man April 22, 2011
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a shady person who likes to pull lame pranks. a Big D normally hustles you in bowling and often threatens to kick you out of his car on the way back from Tahoe. a Big D lives in head house or commonly known as homo house.
Big D is a shady hustler.
by jockpenthouse January 16, 2011
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Phrase referring to someone who is Big and also Dirty. And the persone whom which the Pharse is Referring too is unaware of what it means
Me:"Hahaha look at Big-D, Yo Big-D"
Big-D: "yo.."
by Doug November 18, 2004
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1. A mahoosive cock
2. One with a chode
3. Top floor reject
Oi, Big D, pass the growth hormones.
by Mad Not Mad May 01, 2003
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variation of Big Deal homie, "Big Deal"
'Yo man, i scored ten TD's on the weekend'

'So what man? Big D!'
by J & A Banger June 06, 2007
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a word used by friends to greet one another
"What up Big D?" or "BIG DDDDD!!!!!!!"
by Snow Blower March 09, 2003
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