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A gigantic teenage boy who gains power by consuming the souls of small children, the elderly, sick and pregnant. Has a tendency to fight wild animals to assert his male dominance including silver back gorillas, polar bears and anacondas. Hates people with inferior genetics especially Indian girls.
"Damn bro did you see Big Cee"
"Yeah he's a gigantor cunt"
by dasitmane September 17, 2014
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A lanky farmboy who thinks he's a ganster and trys to rep crips by wearing all blue. Everyone makes fun of him, and he trys to rap, but fails. Every time.
Person 1: Yo i heard that Big Cee made another rap..

Person2 : That kids a foo', he needs to pull his draws up, and walk the hell outa this town.
by ApplesAndOpples May 01, 2011
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