A response used to show gratitude and or interest in said topic
Dude, let’s get lit
“Big Bet”
by Big Bet December 12, 2017
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An angry old lady that yells at wippersnappers to get off of her lawn just because she works at Arby's.
Dude! I was walking down the street and a Big Bets yelled at me!
by bigbobmcgee December 2, 2011
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Often used as BDB, it is the most positive affirmative you can use.
Could also be used in place of yes.
Greg: Yo chelseas ass is looking thick today huh?!
Everyone else: BDB (big dick bet)
by You can eat it March 2, 2018
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it’s like a normal bet but bigger

and specifically for big ballers ONLY
susan: “you trynna get some ice cream”
tom: “big baller bet”
dave: “so he was like imma beat yo ass and I said do it pussy”

shariqua: “damn dave that’s a big baller bet”
by fb&gm September 14, 2018
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