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A Big Bad Black SS is somebody who will do everything possible to avoid a race. Mostly found on the internet talking a big game but, in reality, would rather hide in a parking garage to avoid any possibility of gatting into a race.

Also known to swing from peoples nutsacks
Racer- "Wanna race?"

Big Bad Black SS - "Who me???" "No thanks, I'm too scared to race"
by Shane O Mac March 03, 2008
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1. Big Homo

2. Possible Pedofile

3. Non racer

4. complete tool

5. Parking lot attendant

6. Loser

7. Nutswinger

See that guy over there? He'll never sack up for a race because he's a Big Bad Black SS.
by Shane O Mac March 03, 2008
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1.(also known as) Big Black Pussy Lips

2. Loser

3. NON-racer

4. Parking lot attendant who makes $5/hr and likes to spoon with men.

5 Bullshit artist who doesnt race.

6. Complete TOOL.

7. General Nutswinger, Moron, Likes to read PM's on Chitown website
BBBSS famous quotes:

"It doesnt get any gayer then me" - Big Bad Black SS

"I like to Spoon with men that went to prison" - Big Bad Black SS

"Can I swing from your nuts?" - Big Bad Black SS
by Big Bad Black HOMO March 03, 2008
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