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Male hair style, inspired by teen icon Justin Bieber, in which the fringe of the hair is blow dryed toward the face. Most commonly seen on boys on the cusp on manhood.
While at the mall, I noticed a number of middle school-aged boys running their fingers through their tousled Bieber Bobs.
by The Quipsster October 15, 2010
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An unfortunate hybrid between the beautiful 1920's bob hairstyle and the side-swept short hair of Justin Bieber; the top resembles that of the Justin Bieber style while the sides and the back resemble a bob, they are poofy, too long, layered and side swept.

- I know the halloween party theme this year is "Combine your two favorite costumes into one", but what on earth is Christine dressed as?
- I think she is a Justin Bieber flapper. Look at her hair; it's an unfortunately classic Bieber bob.
by scarletdragon7 March 07, 2011
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