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Related to Squirrel Aids. Something you risk to get if you're a teenage girl and listen to Justin Bieber. Bieber aids make you love Justin Bieber and it spreads to other girls by the toilet. Beiber Aids cant be cured yet.
"Poor Lisa isn't in school today because she is very sick with Bieber aids." - teacher
"I hope she get well!" - concerned friend
by ILightBite February 21, 2011
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an advanced form of "Bieber Fever". the sufferer often finds his/herself singing Justin Bieber songs and stroking soft, blonde colored objects. May or may not be a homosexual.
I went to see 'Never Say Never' yesterday. I had Bievber Fever before but now I have full blown Bieber AIDS!
by bieber in my heart February 22, 2011
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