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A heavyweight version of the century club, this is a meeting or party event where the participants drink 200 shots of beer in 3 hours and 20 minutes (200 minutes) without leaving the designated party area for any reason. Many times it is encouraged to give a toast before every round, although this becomes repetitive unless there are many people present.

This is a very alcohol intensive event, as using a normal shot glass (1.5 ounces) will yield 25 cans worth of beer in the allotted time. Even a huge guy with a wicked tolerance may find it difficult to make it the entire way through without puking his guts out. Ultimately though, it is understood that it's the spirit of the thing that counts, and there is no disgrace in hurling in the trash can or pissing in the corner if you take your beer like a champ.
Joe: "Hey where are John and Mark? I thought they were going to meet us at the party."
Mike: "They were, but they're going to the bicentennial club at Frank's house."
Joe: "Oh god, I didn't know anyone actually did that. I feel sorry for Frank's carpet."
by matrixtrout3 October 20, 2009
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The Bicentennial Club was a club formed at Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills (Los Angeles County, CA) in 1976 for America's Bicentennial celebration. The club was notorious for sponsoring unusual events with a kitsch patriotic twist. The club has served as a mentor for other unusual clubs in its wake. The legacy of the Bicentennial Club includes a kazoo marching band, arm wrestling competitions with weight categories, paddleball competitions and square dances at lunch.
by Mother Zosima December 30, 2010
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