A word Used To Describe Woman With A Big booty or butt
Moe Has A wibby hibby bibby
by Kae tee September 8, 2006
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if you've done something so bad that you did it like bibbi
1. pat: you see the sand castle Jeff made?
steve:yeh he did it like bibbi would

2. phillip: my house got repainted
frank: i know i seen it, they did it like bibbi would
by iHATeGoblins December 27, 2011
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Bibbi is a dog your spouse forced you to buy, but that you really didn’t want.
OMG, I have to take Bibbi for a walk again, I hate this.
by Berto123 October 31, 2018
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Bibbi is the most beautiful woman I ever seen. The perfect nickname for Michaela. She has blond hair and is very very funny! she is the absolutely the greatest person in the entire world.
Oh have you heard of bibbi she is the most wonderful girl in the world!
by Bibbi December 13, 2016
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A sexy mother f***er with long brown hair and a killer body. Usually found at the gym or playing metal in a band. All the chicks want him.
“Did you see the frontman of that last band? He shreds and his body is godly.”

Oh my goodness, yes! He is a total Bibby! Too bad he’s dating that Jessica girl.”
by Screambloodygorgeous July 29, 2020
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A better name for a picnic since a picnic may or may not have been where slaves were traded and to add it kind of sounds like "pick-a-n***a"
"Let's have a bibby tomorrow, you bring the blanket and i've got the food."
by omxrxx March 4, 2021
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It's an acronym for young people (especially black but whites can use it too)who believe to be the best in the best
B best
I in
B best
B black (can be best once more for whites)
Y youths
Man: That girl has got it all, lot of talent and an incredible mind too
Woman: Of course she does. She's bibby.
by Anac June 29, 2018
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