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"The 'Single Ladies'... They need things like contraception, healthcare and they love to talk about equal pay"

Young, single women who will vote your oppressive, white, "I'm afraid of sex", old man asses out of office. These can also be raging feminist cat ladies who tweet about dismantling the patriarchy and read books on rape culture in their spare time. All their cats typically have three part names, such as: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anna Howard Shaw, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, etc.

These women believe in 'the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.' However, that can understandably be mistaken for misandry and oppression of the menz. Surfbort.
Person: Virtually all those womyn at the NARAL rally were Beyoncé Voters.

Person 1: I don't see what the big deal with the Hobby Lobby hearing.
Person 2: I know... Those Beyoncé Voters have got to calm down.
by mysandrist007 July 12, 2014
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