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A Beta Brad is someone who is inferior to a Chad in terms of power level but share certain features to a Chad.

They are similar in that they are attention whores with a brain-to-mouth filter like that of a broken distillation plant. They can be found with their Chad counterpart in locations exclusive to where the Chad is (frat houses, bars, crotch rocket passenger seats, etc.) A Beta Brad does not survive for long periods of time without their Chad for nourishment. Any potential Beta Brads you may see alone are just fresh spawns and should be disposed of.

They are different from Chad in that they are always the wingmen and never score any real action. While their jokes may score fewer laughs than a Chad, their vape skills are sure to make everyone laugh at them. Beta Brads are often seen as the one moldy grape you happen to finger in a bag of normal grapes.

Despite being completely unskilled in everything, they excel at kissing ass and pavement after getting their balls kicked by an annoyed bouncer while Chad continues to watch. Their alcohol tolerance is mediocre at best and the only thing more atrocious than their drink of choice is how they tip.

They are not completely hopeless, as promotion from Beta Brad to Chad may occur. Similar to pawn promotion in Chess, they must make it to the edge and engage in coitus with a member of the desired sex.
Chad: AY! Where you at, servant?
Beta Brad: I'm right behind you, boss.

Beta Brad: You better let us in! Mr. Chad here is thirsty. Don't make me get crazy!
Bouncer: You aren't on the list.

Beta Brad: *swings a punch*
Bouncer: *Knocks Beta Brad out and onto the floor*
Chad: *to Jessica* you doing anything later?
by Stanreesha July 18, 2018
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