B.E.T. stands for Black Entertainment Television

A network channel targeted towards African Americans with news, sports, music and movies... etc.
I watch B.E.T. everyday
by Nicole August 16, 2003
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B.E.T. is racist television. White people can't go around criticizing blacks, yet blacks do it all the time on their comedy shows. B.E.T. is mostly rap, R&B and hip-hop "music" only from blacks. Even though I don't like listening to rap, R&B and hip-hop, it's better than MTV, since MUSIC Television doesn't even play music, just fucked up "reality" shows.
by Tyler July 20, 2003
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Funny how blacks can have their own channel but if white people have White Entertainment Television it's marked as racist...
B.E.T. is an example of racism at work.
by Poopie face June 24, 2003
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Black Entertainment Television. Usually makes whites look bad in a indirect way, talking about how the black race has suffered slavery, when really none of the slaves are still alive today. Also takes pride in the fact that they 'came from the ghetto'.
BET can't seem to remember that the 'actual' blacks can't afford cable, so only the plush blacks from the 'burbs watch it.
by Freak Obscene April 17, 2004
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If white ppl watched it, it would be called WET
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
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Short for "I bet." Used as a form of verbal irony, the word is said when someone could in place say also sarcastically; "oh yeah sure, I bet"
"I could totally outrun Usain Bolt"
"Lol dude bet"
by ifrylikepotatoes February 06, 2017
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Black Entertainment Television also known as Animal Planet is the result of some half retarded monkey inheriting millions and deciding to invest it in absolutely worthless bull shit.
Mark: hey man did you watch BET last night?

Aaron: no if i wanted to see monkeys i would just go to the zoo and make a day of it.
by Ronis Mcfinnigan September 06, 2009
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