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Berthoud is a cute little town in Northern Colorado with a population of about 5,000. It's a rural based community and Caucasian but the township is not racist. The people are young and active but they can be boring and cliquish. Workers commute and most families have a dog or a horse.

The populous is a mix of the highly educated who have chosen to raise families there and those who were born there. There are two elementary schools. Berthoud Elementary has an extremely high ranking in the state but teaches to the test. Ivy doesn’t rank as high but the parents, teachers and kids seem to be happier there.

I haven’t heard much about Turner Middle School but everyone just wants their kids to survive the onset of puberty. Berthoud High is supposed to be geared toward the sciences. Wrestling, football and baseball are popular but rankings fluctuate a lot. The community gathers in groups for sports or at church. There is one outdoor public swimming pool in town but no golf courses or bowling. There are several lakes within a short drive, including Carter Lake.

The brewpub in town but doesn’t serve food so I’m not sure how long it will last. Notable restaurants come and go but there is always a decent place to get food. I hope the A&W with old fashion drive-in slots stays forever.

If you want a nice place to live your own life and raise a family in a small community, Berthoud is a lovely town. If your single and want to mingle, you might want to try Boulder or Denver instead.
Berthoud, Colorado is a cute sunny little town that gives me room to breath and to live care free. It's close to the mountains and the forest without having to deal with a ton of snow. It's a typical mid-America rural community and just a little shy of being a yuppy town. Sandwhiched between the hicks and hippies in Loveland and the town of Longmont, Berthoud is the best little town North of Boulder.
by Smartie Pants 2 June 29, 2012
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