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Drunk This word derives from the act of being so drunk that you are incapacitated to the point that you are helpless and need assistance from friends in order to move.
The movie Weekend at Bernie's is the prime example of this word. Althogh Bernie Lomax was dead he was still livin it up. He even plugged some broad when he was "Bernied." His action is a perfect example of what does/could/sometimes happen when severely intoxicated
by Richard Ponce December 30, 2004
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To be cheated or short changed out of money. To be ripped off. to be taken by another. Derived from the bernie Maddoff scandel whre he ripped off investors for 60 billion dollars
When getting change back at the cash register, the cashier short changes you. "excuse me sir or madam you just "bernied" me."
by egraffam March 12, 2009
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When one has fallen victim to a ponzi scheme, or having been ripped off; much like being burned, or jewed out of something, but with a Bernie Madoff twist.
I got ripped off thousands of dollars of inheritance when my maniacle sister convinced my 92 year old Aunt in her final days that I was not worthy to receive my full inheritance. Man, I got totally Bernied!!
by Angry Little Man October 18, 2011
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v. (past tense) When someone passes out at a party and gets dressed up like Bernie from the movie "Weekend at Bernies".
"Hey man Jim just passed out!"
"Woah shit! You got the blue blazer and Ray-bans?"
"Check. Dude's gonna get fuckin' Bernied."
by givrpig420 April 04, 2013
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Being made to do something or go somewhere you have no interest in or can afford.
I was planning a nice quiet weekend and the next thing i was in a foreign country spending everything i have and dont have, i got bernied.
by Skinnyy July 22, 2011
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