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Beretta Bite is the wound suffered when the shooter wraps the support hand over the shooting hand where the slide will recoil and take two chunks of flesh out of the higher thumb (one for each slide track). It may be simply painful up to being bloody and requiring stitches to close up the wound.
He got a Beretta bite on his first day qualifying at the range.
by Snap-Tite April 13, 2011
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A Beretta Bite is a mark or cut given to oneself accidentally by closing the slide of the 92fs AKA M9 Beretta pistol on ones finger or portion of hand.
The act of giving oneself a Beretta bite most commonly occurs when an inexperienced user has improperly places his or her hand on top of the slide while attempting to lock the slide to the rear. Flailing to fully engage the slide lock or maintain a good grip, the slide well slip and slams shut, pinching the sensitive skin between the thumb and first finger. This will normally leave a blood blister or sometimes a small cut β€œBeretta bite”
by Cpl G USMC January 22, 2006
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