A drincc that has no icce for carbon based life forms. If a carbon based life form drinccs a BEPIS with no icce a strange blue creature will come and icce you.
From bagel boy

Mr. Succ: There is no icce in me BEPIS.
Mr. Icce: Did some carbon based life form just say: ICCE. Get icce dummy.
by Jamesss!!!!!! February 16, 2018
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Pepsi spelt wrong but tastes better
Bob: hey Kevin want a pepsi
Kevin: sorry I only drink bepis
by Run snuggle October 10, 2018
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man plz pass me dat amaze bepis it is like the nectar of the gods m8
bepis is love bepis is life
by iethwiur October 17, 2018
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1. Synonym for Penis, similar to Pingas

2. Any noun that could be replaced with the word Bepis for comedic effect
"She not only wants this bepis."

"I googled the word Bepis but got no results, this is a load of bepis."

"Mmmmm, bepis."
by SwegMcEuph94 September 14, 2013
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