A man who is not, shall we say, straight. Another word for a gay guy, such as Chris Webb.
ex...Man that Chris Webb sure is bent.
by Conner Kropf May 08, 2006
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when someone is ripped or blazed out of their mind
I was so bent last night. After smokin that O, who wouldn't be?
by Urban Dictionary January 12, 2004
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As a verb:
The act of lying about something so meaningless, that it would have been better to just say nothing at all in the first place. After a bent action, the person will lose mass amounts of respect and gain mass amounts of trash talk behind their back.

As an adjective:
Used to describe a horrible lie, one that is obviously far from the truth. The statement usually contains so much stupidity, people hearing it will be shocked at how unnecessary it was.
Ginger - "I went to this party on my street last weekend with a couple buds. Saw some nice bunnies, wheeled n' porked a few, then went again the next day."
Twinkie - "Why the hell are you benting?"

Ginger - "Me and my buddies were just tagging down the street, I was half drunk and half high at the time, then these two big guys jumped me. They took everything I had on me."
MAD - "That story is ridiculously bent."
by specialists October 03, 2007
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when somebody does something really messed up or severely offensive to another person.
dave: ey dude, did you hear about jacque and steve?
norman: yeah man, she dumped him on his birthday.
dave: dude thats so bent...
by krunkraka June 09, 2009
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