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Either extremely delusional or a very successful stage-performer who preys on people's ignorance.

Often proclaimed as a miracle healer, he travels around the globe hosting "crusades" held in stadiums and other large venues. People are "healed" on stage as Mr. Hinn speaks, sings, yells, physically pushes, and spiritually tranfers a holy energy to his believers. Many fall to the ground as BennyBoy supposedly cleanses them of their diseases.

Followers see him as a vessel through which God's power flows. Skeptics point out the lack of substantial evidence for his healings and the fact that anyone who wishes to get on stage is carefully screened by Hinn's cronies. Having a visibly obvious medical issue won't get you anywhere near Hinn. Is that a broken leg? Some gangrene? Get the fuck back to your seat.

Mr. Hinn is never shy about asking for donations. Telling followers to get their credit cards out or sending collection baskets around a second time are not uncommon events.

Many level-headed people consider him a fraud. The use of specially-selected music and lights create a perfect environment for the deep-seated believer to think they've been touched by God. Mass hypnosis, the power of suggestion, religious indoctrination, lack of critical thinking, faith over facts, and the need to find meaning in an otherwise meaningless universe are all at play here.

Video of people not falling over when they were supposed to:
Let's get high and watch Benny Hinn.
by 7800 May 24, 2011
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