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Benny Go Home was formed to counter the onslaught of southbound bennys to the Jersey shore, each and every summer. Its ranks are made up of locals sick of the invading hoards and formed as an evolution of the Benny Patrol, forming its political wing. Their end goal is to rid the Jersey shore of those who would disrespect any local, or his home. Through any means, Benny Go Home shall make the shores of Jersey safe for all locals.
"Benny Go Home shall form the voice of the people. Though we face a great foe, we are infinitely more powerful in our unity. Forming one heart, one mind, we shall vanquish them from our lands. They battle an enemy, born of the shore, who has never known defeat, and will not stop until victory."
by The Denizens April 03, 2006
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Term used around the jersey shore area for the folks that invade our quiet and peaceful area from memorial day to labor day every year. "Benny" has multiple terms including but not limited to. "Benny from brooklyn (usually jewish folk) and Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark NJ area people. Benny's are known for thinking they are all that and feel they should just "cut the line" proud at being rude and dressing like they are from NYC.
Man all these new york license plates full of benny's on board creating more traffic jams and driving like assholes. Can't wait for these rich snob's to go home (which is usually NY) "Benny go home" (Yelling it out of a car window)
by Jeffrey S. October 09, 2007
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A website set up by a bunch of xenophobic faggots who live in Ocean County, NJ. They bitch about tourists coming down to the Jersey Shore and disprespecting their homes, instead of focusing on real problems like political corruption. The website reads like a call to arms, and is so extreme that if you replaced the word Benny with the word Nigger, it would look just like something on Stormfront. The people at BGH insist that they are only talking about rude, disrespectful tourists, but if one carefully reads the site and looks at the merchandise they sell it becomes obvious that there is a serious anti-tourist subtext running beneath everything. That's every tourist, not just the assholish ones.
Have you ever seen that site, Benny Go Home?

Yeah, those guys are bunch of sloppy cunts.
by CombatBennyPimp July 18, 2009
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