“Benny Boy” is the name of the 3rd song on the EP Hyperviolence by Omerta. It is 2:13 in length and incorporates an array of genres ranging from metal and rap to hardcore and more. The end of the song features a recording of the band members and producer laughing and closing a door after finishing the song, all while a bossa nova song plays softly in the background.
Ghostemane just posted a video of himself mouthing along to the song “Benny Boy” by Omerta!

Ay, are y’all going by the Urban Dictionary term of “Benny Boy” or just talking about some dude named “Benny”? ‘Cause that do kinda make a difference.

“Benny Boy” is my favorite Omerta song!
by Vincente Void June 19, 2021
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Noun. Slang expression used in the 50s for a male homosexual. See faggot and homo.
Me dad told me that he enjoyed beating up "Benny Boys" with a metal baton when he was a drill sargeant in the army just before the Korean war.
by Alfie The Horndog July 18, 2005
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A guy who is funny no matter what he says, as the manner in which he speaks and moves is hilarious in and of itself.
*Benny Boy swaggers over*

Benny Boy: "Hey you cool guys, here's the BENNY BOY!"

*Slight pause in which everyone else looks at each other*

by Jammy_ April 10, 2013
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Slang for homosexual that arose after World War I, narrowly defining filipino "cabin boys" who worked as personal butlers (and sex toys) for Naval crew aboard ship and in ports of call, notoriously at Subic Bay Naval Base in Manila. Became more widespread to mean filipino homosexual boy or man during World War II and beyond. Now generally describes filipino male homosexuals excluding transvestites. See flip transvestite homosexual
Ensign Woolover doesn't want to be desturbed in his cabin, as he is servicing his benny boy.

The Arabs inport thousands of benny boys in Qatar and Saudi Arabia for use as houseboys and sex toys.
by PaultardBasher December 22, 2012
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Meaning of an awesome straight guy having no connotation towards gays or homos, gnarly hair, straight persons clothing, the word originating from a guy of a plotting nature, who has a silly hair cut etc. Overall a gnarly guy.
A guy walks past looking very straight, but different and interesting; one guy says to the other, that guy was so Benny Boy.
by themanofdudes February 7, 2011
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benny boy is poopy
hey you look poopy, kinda reminds me of benny boy
by CheeseOkBettLmao February 2, 2022
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benny boi tries to clap cheeks but he can’t get any bc he’s secretly gay only few know though
Random person: guess what?!
Other random person: what?
Random person: i’ m officially a benny boi

other random person: gtfo or my room step bro
by wtf is up kyle October 14, 2019
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