Benjamin, Jesus that kid is dirty. He will try to swindle you in any possible way and is thirsty for women. He is short, but super hot. He doesn’t give two fucks about anyone, but is really sweet inside. He is the funniest and best kid ever! And will make anything a joke, even if it is not funny.
by shortybarbie October 17, 2019
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He is kind and clumsy, yet strong and good at parkour. He is the smartest person you have ever met but can b very stupid and make bad decisions if put under pressure. He is a great friend but a terrifying enemy. You definitely want to be on benjamins good side.
Benjamins friend: Oh did u bring your project in
Benjamin: Crap, I forgot it at home
Benjamins friend: Bit u worked so hard on it. Your an idiot
Benjamin: yeah, I am
by I'm onlyMad3 of truth June 21, 2017
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a tall,handsome guy with green eyes and a great body,the most awesome person you know. hes a genius, way ahead of his class, but helps others.hes normally interested in about one sport and hes pretty fit.often benjamins have glasses. he seems a little rude and cheeky but is very kind and caring, though he is cheeky. hes impossible to tick off, but if he trys can tick you off very easily. hes very funny and always takes others into consideration,he doesnt date much but hes a great boyfriend, if you can get a benjamin, keep him, hes very outgoing,humble ,cute and sexy.
person 1: ow im blinded!
benjamin:sorry,my pure awesomeness does that, let me take you to the hospital.
by prowlerbattletechnician January 10, 2012
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In some areas of the UK to benjamin something is to make love with it. A benjamin with 3 or more people is called 'A Big Bad Benjamin.'
"Whoa, that was one good Benjamin."
by Turkey-Legs May 23, 2006
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A handsome man with blue eyes. He is often single and wild, but may be tamed and taken by only a perfect woman. He has a big dick and can go for hours giving many pleasing orgasms. He will love a woman if she can match him in bed. He is very protective over his close friends and family. He loves either basketball or baseball and has great muscles. Benjamin is set in his ways and is very stubborn. Most other men fear him.
Misty: Are you in love?

Jill: Well his name is Benjamin.
by bambam22 January 22, 2011
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