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A Catholic prep school in Lisle Illinois. Everybody loves to hate Benet, even though there are some pretty cool teachers and students there! Benet raised $100,000 in ONLY two weeks this year for the less fortunate in Dupage County. Although it has a reputation for being stuck up, most of the students are in a similar financial situation to those at the surrounding public schools. Lots of smart kids and good vibes. The junior class is especially lit:)
Benet Academy sure does do a lot of volunteer work!
by Letsnotbenegative:) January 30, 2018
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A private catholic highschool located in Lisle, IL. Made up of many stuck up rich white kids, but also has some kids who didn't have an easy financial ride getting in. Tons of competition to fit in from rich kids, if you're not financially well off yourself. Stick with the right crowd and you'll be fine. Many great programs, ok sports, and lots of pretty smart kids graduating.
"Hey, you go to Benet Academy?"
"oh you're one of those"
"not me, I'm not a rich stuck up fuck like the others"
by JakeTheGreat January 10, 2008
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Benet Academy is a four year, college preparatory, co-educational, Catholic high school located in Lisle, IL. The school is academically challenging and its students routinely have among the highest average ACT/SAT scores in the state of Illinois. 100% of graduates enroll in college -- often going to elite Ivy League, private and public universities and earning academic scholarships.

Benet Academy's 112-year history incorporates the education of young men at St. Procopius Academy and young women at Sacred Heart Academy. The two Academies operated separately until they were merged as the current co-educational, Benedictine school named Benet Academy in 1967.

Benet Academy has a very competitive admissions process, via entrance exam, with approximately 500 candidates vying for 300 spots in each entering freshman class. Tuition is competitive with other local private schools, and more economical than many comparable private schools in the city of Chicago and north suburbs.

Benet Academy offers a range of extracurriculars including music, drama, community service, student government and sports (Redwings). Benet Academy boys soccer and girls basketball teams in particular have had historically strong programs.
Benet Academy students know the difference between the words "there," "their" and "they're" so THEY'RE not wasting THEIR parents' money.
by Procopius December 29, 2006
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The name of a private Catholic high school located in Lisle, IL, the students of which seem to be under the impression they are God's gift to humanity. Due to its distinction of being a private school, and the requirement of passing an entrance exam in order to attend it, the academy and its students/alumni will tell anyone and everyone that they, and they're dipshit children, are the epitome of human perfection. The entrance exam is taken by pompous 8th grade hopefuls who happen to believe they are head and shoulders better than anyone else and don't belong in filthy public schools and learn alongside the servile scum that populates them. The entrance exam is, however, a complete joke, as its only real purpose is so Benet attendees can claim to their inferior public school peers that they had to take a test to get where they are now, and are, therefore, much, much better than you (they did, of course, go to *the* Benet Academy). While the neighboring city of Naperville has garnered a false and misleading reputation of being the douchiest town in Chicagoland, this falsehood does not apply to students and graduates of Benet Academy. For these people this reputation is entirely accurate. Due to this, Benet, its students, and its alumni, are hated by every public school student within a 50 mile radius.
(Benet student's expectation of all other humans)

Lesser Public School Student: Where do you go to school?

Benet Student: I go to Benet. You know, *the* Benet Academy?

Lesser Public School Student: Can I suck your dick?
by Athan Hobson MC June 26, 2012
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