Everyone knows at least one Ben he is that one boy who sits there very quietly in the corner of a school canteen looking at the ground very intensely whilst slipping an ar-15 out of his primark bag also he has a fetish for fucking family members sometimes mothers and fathers but most definitely his little sister she loves a good ass fucking whilst sat in an xbox party
You need to get some mates lad your lookin like Ben
by NUTTEZ December 30, 2019
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Ben is a tall blonde fucker...his style is ass and he dresses as if he was a pussy. Ben has a wingspans of a fucking bald eagle and has big ass legs. PROBABLY THE BIGGEST WINGSPAN IN THE PLANET
Dang do you see Ben, his wingspan if so fucking big!
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by 0000001230000000 September 18, 2019
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A hero with a watch called the omnitrix who saves the universe and world daily. may have friends called rook, gwen ,and kevin
Guy 1:yo that ben 10 guy is soo cool
Guy 2: ikr he defeated vilgax the other day and saved the world
by generator rex January 13, 2021
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replacement of a word.
i’m so hungry bens
sorry bens!
it’s bens a long time bens
by BENS ;) May 02, 2019
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A super cute guy who is impossible to figure out. You want his as a friend, every one does. He's an awesome funny tbh kinda dorky guuy who you simply cannot get over. He's good at music biking and plays the guitar. He's tall kinda shy and really fun. Good luck, go get him! And keep im.
Friend 1: Omg is that Ben??
Friend 2: Ya he's such a cutie that lucky bitch
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by Definitelynotintou≤3 March 30, 2021
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Ben: "my dad got me a ferrari as a pre-birthday present"
Dude: "no one cares b***"
by Zeta, the real definition December 10, 2018
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The depressed guy that sits in the back of the class silent and to himself

Thinks he's funny but really just makes situations awkward and it gets even more awkward when he talks to girls

His flirting game is as strong as a paraplegic penis, all his lines are flat and just overall embarrassing
Hey yo Ben tried talking to a girl right

He nutted before even coming up to her
by Sicko Mode April 11, 2019
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