When a girl is performing dome love on a gentleman, he then pulls out a taser and zaps her at a most critical moment.
Oh baby that feels so good, just let me make it more exciting...ZAP!!! Ben Franklin, bitch!
by psion_the_freak January 26, 2008
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Light manipulation of the boner to ensure pleasure.
I love to handshake the ben franklin during school.
by Martinz January 16, 2008
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Alfie: ayo bruh Ben Franklin-Hodge check
Tim: yuh

JJ: *gets in a gay relationship with Matthew*
by futureloverofdanssister May 09, 2021
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To keep it 100. Give 100% to your daily. always grindin.
Dude 1: " Bro im chasin this money; I'm meeting with 3 clients, have a ton of sales calls to do, and I am getting 3 contracts back. "

Dude 2: " That's whats up man. Stayin busy. "

Dude 1: " No doubt. I keep it Ben Franklin. "
by mj907 July 26, 2011
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layin in the sun so uv rays kill the b.o.
jim took a ben franklin shower to wash the skank off after slamin your mom all night
by skeet von ludes September 04, 2009
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On a stormy day or night with thunder and lightning impress your friends with this exhilarating party maneuver. 1) Do a shot of your favorite hard booze. (2) Immediately start flying a kite. (3) Once kite is fully in flight, light up a spliff and smoke it while flying the kite. (4) Keep the kite up until said spliff is gone.
This storm is gnarly. Hey! Who wants to do a Ben Franklin Speedball?
by Downtown Dogtown October 25, 2010
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