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Ben Abbots is a disease suffered by the students of Chipping Norton school, mostly seen in the 6th form, it can materialize as a rash or spots, and can take many years to be free of the disease, sometimes you are stuck with the disease forever,
some people will also suffer from Luke Davies disease at the same time, as both disease can simultaneously infect the body through the ear, suffering from both Ben Abbots disease and Luke Davies disease at the same time can lead to diarrhoea, constipation and possible spleen failure.

Ben Abbots disease can be treated with antibiotics or more commonly with the herbal patch "tashorheo" which can be purchased from most pharmacies.

When suffering from both Ben Abbots disease and Luke Daives disease it can be much harder to become free of the disease, it usually takes at least 1500ml of diet coke every day for 8 months along with 40kg of pringles a month along side a spoon full of sugar,

side effects to Ben Abbots disease and the Ben Abbots disease and Luke Davies Disease combination include an uncontrollable need to shout out random banter, describe visually sexual acts with surrounding peoples mothers and the compulsive need to put your hand in peoples faces and Shout "Face"
Me and Natasha both contracted Ben Abbots Disease It was very painful. Alice caught Ben Abbots Disease, she still has not recovered
by Joe Drinkwaters April 22, 2008
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