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A small town in Washington formally known as Belfair where Everyone who lives there wears romeo steel toe boots and plaide shirts with cut off sleeves.

People who reside in or are from Beltucky aren’t real rednecks, they just pretend to be.

We all know that real rednecks dont put 20” lifts on a fucking Toyota 4runner.
Real rednecks also cant live amongst the trees as beltuckians do, this would make it too difficult for real farmers and ranchers.

Beltuckians are classified as hillbillies as they also live in hills and around swamps, thus the term Belbilly.

Although beltuckians eat possum and raccoons, it is considered extremely impolite to be seen dragging ones roadkill in public.

The People of beltucky are generally nice but most of them have little to no education.

The towns Color is blue and the slogan is “Home is where the Tarp is”.

There are no property or sales taxes in Beltucky as long as you own both a Chevy and a Ford that do not run.

If you ask anyone from Beltucky they will tell you that they have been welding and fitting since they were 2 years old.

Both men and women are traditionally encouraged to grow and maintain full beards as it is commonly misinterpreted as a sign of power however, it ususally is just someone trying cover something that if otherwise clean-shaven would lead to nasty insults from strangers.
Vern lives in Beltucky

Are we meeting in Beltucky townsquare for the annual cousin breed?

Get in the van, little kid, we’re going to Beltucky!
by TheDude31 June 22, 2018
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Hillbilly name for a town in Washington that people who are literate call Belfair.
Dude, I went shooting in BelTucky last weekend!

She was my step-dads, step-daughter that lives in BelTucky.
by justhallie May 29, 2008
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