A person in the army who has never seen combat; tactician; people sending people below them to die for them
"Hey man, want to go to the movies?"
"Sorry, the clean belt said we're moving out to fight some jihadis"
by Goldjaw September 26, 2018
A sour belt is when someone tucks their penis between their own butt cheeks and sharts a juicy Tacobell fart they've been holding in for 3 days.
I was craving a sour belt and had to indulge in that sweet sweet aroma...
by ceebs95 September 15, 2022
When you and a partner (both unvaccinated) fall ill with COVID-19, losing taste, and then proceed to ingest large quantities of laxatives and continuously eat each other’s asses.
When Davis lost his taste to COVID, he decided the Jacksonville Superspreader Conveyor Belt would fix his appetite.
by User42069314 August 14, 2021
Another name for the huge strip of land (AKA “belt”) that’s made up of radically Islamic countries that are homophobic, racist, and strongly in favor of raping women or forcing young girls into unwanted marriages where they will be raped.
Why the fuck did they host the World Cup in Qatar? Isn’t that a Rape Belt country?
by Forgettable Name December 6, 2022
A males dick that can wrap around his waist making a belt form
Jewel did you see Jory’s wombo belt.
Yes Jackie it is huge
by Wombo Dori June 14, 2018