The type of belt that Jon R would make up stories about when asked.
No no no, you guys have it all wrong. The name originated during a choir practice (probably somewhere in SDC or maybe ELC…definitely not in Texas or Arizona) when a PA, after a couple too many celebration beers, slurred the words “Ranger Belt” and ever since, it’s been called a River Belt. You can Google it.
by Owen Crash November 16, 2021
A reference to suicide via looping a belt around your neck and hanging yourself.
Tom: I'm gonna wear a belt necklace stg.
Kate: You should call the Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255
by 4llFather March 24, 2020
"I haven't been laid in a year, I need to make an appointment with the belt dentist ."
by Tonata May 19, 2017
Noun A belt, or similar object, that prevents a Shaft Watcher from looking at your cock.

Pronunciation- Shaft-city Belt
I made a Shaftsity Belt to prevent my ex-girlfriend from staring at my cock.
by Murder Zone December 25, 2009
Originally worn by the 60s biker subculture. Years later they have been adopted by alt people that have no connection to the 60s biker subculture whatsoever.
Person 1: Hey, you look pretty badass
Person 2: Yeah I got my studded belt and motorcycle
by RockersBritish May 4, 2022
Presenting one’s testicles through the fly of their pants; especially in an active endeavor
He just did a front handspring while doing the Canadian belt buckle, did you see his nuts?
by Shoguy32 July 5, 2021
gay boy that likes john oz’s dick but also likes grace smiths armpits.
you like grace smiths armpits? wow you’re such an elias belt
by nicedicksucker6666 February 26, 2019