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The worship of a supernatural being who is all good. It is closely related to satanism and the style of worship is the same.Belphegor worshipers opt out of the world system because they believe it's a huge scam.
They often take downers,muscle relaxers and sleep aids to take them out of the world system for a short time. They also take ecstacy that they call artifical happiness,lsd and other drugs to take them out of the world system and they also practice astral projection and have often have orgies for the same reason.
They practice scams to scam the world system right back have regular brainstorming sessions to come up with new scams. However they will not scam anyone who is not very wealthy because they consider them fellow victims of the world system scam and invite them to join them. They only believe in scaming the rich and superrich,financal institutions and governments ect.
They often use the saying about the world system "It's all pie in the sky. You a get a piece of the pie in the sky when you die" and point to the fact that only two percent of the world population owns almost all the wealth.
The have a code of complete honesty between all members and practice common love between all the members. There goal is world domination and the setting up of a new world system of honesty,universal freedom and respect for all people.
by The Fury 13 October 22, 2010
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