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Belmont, Massachusetts. A quaint small town on the outskirts of Boston. There are many small businesses which provide for a visitor's every need, and the personalities who run them- From the sociable owners of Belmont Pizza to the Asian owners of Belmont Variety- are a joy for any visitor to acquaint themselves with.

The school system is among the best in the state. Its computing system of choice is Microsoft Windows (far superior to the Macintosh "computers" used by Lexington). Nearly every classroom possesses a Smartboard (A sort of digital blackboard) which greatly increases teachers' options during lessons.

Do you desire something less legal, perhaps? Belmont is known to be among the easiest places in Massachusetts to procure the herb known as marijuana, especially if you don't want to deal with any dirty brown people. Many upstanding white gentlemen are known to procure the Marijuana plant for sale. As an aside: There is a reason one of Belmont's institutions of learning is called a 'High' School.

The police force in this town is also among the most helpful and kind in the state. The police in Belmont do not harass any white person for being intoxicated.

However, overall, Belmont is clearly the number 1 choice for anyone hoping to start a family, or simply to visit.
Belmont, MA is a fine place to raise a family!

Belmont, MA is a far better place to live than Lexington, MA.
by Nick Trano March 26, 2011
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