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This low-life Michael Edward Wilson drives around Belmont, NC and surrounding areas, causing altercations and then video taping the reaction. He posts his videos on youtube MW77698 and tries so hard to make himself out to be the victim. He is a danger to society. He instigates dangerous situations and will even follow you to your destination. He enjoys stalking teenage girls and screaming vulgar words at them. He is known to carry a gun. Every police department, fire department and emergency service is aware of his dangerous actions and have even placed an alert on his address. If you find yourself in front of him or behind him on the road, you will more than likely see yourself on youtube that evening, regardless if you were doing anything wrong. This man is a danger to society and the public should be informed!
Tony: Hey man, I heard you had a run in with the "Belmont Video Vigilante (B.V.V)"
Mike: Yeah, he got behind me and started filming me as I drove.
Tony: I heard he lives on South Point Rd. in Belmont, NC?
Mike: Yeah, be careful driving around Gaston County, that's where he stalks. You can google him, all his information is public.
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